Taiwan Gold Card

Taiwan DIGI Gold Card: From ABS to Taiwan Residency

Re-enter Taiwan multiple times over the course of 1-3 years. 

DIGI Gold Card

The 4-in-1 Card: Work Visa + Residence Permit + Alien Resident Certificate + Re-entry Permit
With Airfare and Accommodation Incentives for Digital-Industry Exchanges

1:1 support is available for everyone.
Fast-track for VIP members, use code 'ABS VIP'.


Receive a $1300 - $2750 USD travel incentive to Taiwan for industry exchange

A qualifying trip may include exhibiting, speaking, or participating in the conference during ABS!

DIGI Gold Card Community

In May 2023, the Taiwan Ministry of Digital Affairs announced a new category for Gold Card applicants to attract international talent in the Digital Economy. This new category has new qualification criteria tailored towards those working at startups and in emerging technology.
Applicants must fulfill at least one of the following requirements:

  • 8 years of relevant experience in the digital economy fields
  • Currently or previously hold a job in the digital economy fields with salary of at least NT $160,000 (~$5,000 USD) per month
  • Has a doctorate degree from one of the top 500 universities in the world
  • Has expertise in the digital field, a doctorate degree, and 4 years of relevant professional experience

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Why Gold Card?

The Gold Card is an Alien Residence Certificate that grants the holder the right to freely work for any employer in Taiwan or abroad and live in Taiwan for up to 3 years. The card also grants unlimited re-entries into Taiwan.

Some other benefits include:

  • Access to National Health Insurance
  • Reduced income taxes in Taiwan for the first 5 years
  • Ability to lease and own property in Taiwan
  • Resident visas for immediate family members
  • Ability to open a Taiwanese bank account
  • E-Gate and special immigration lanes at the airport
  • A Taiwanese identity card and ID number to sign up for various services
These benefits may still be useful for people who do not wish to permanently reside in Taiwan but might often travel to Taiwan.

Can I apply for an Employment Gold Card to attend?

Yes. The Taiwan Employment Gold Card is a 4-in-1 card that grants holders work visa, residence permit, alien resident certificate, and re-entry permit. It does not require employer sponsorship and has many advantages compared to regular Taiwan work visas such as a shorter path to permanent residency, income tax benefits, access to networking events, family sponsorship, and more. In order to apply, you must meet certain income requirements or have special qualifications for fields that are in demand in Taiwan, including coding or other technical skills. Please see the official website for more details and note that it takes about 1-2 months for the application from start to finish.

What are the qualification requirements?

There are a many different professional fields for which applicants can qualify for including sports, law, art, finance, and more in addition to the digital field. Please see the official website for more details about qualification requirements.

How long does the process take?

In general, the process takes about 4-8 weeks from initial application to approval. For overseas applications, your passport will have to be inspected by the Bureau of Consular Affairs or an ROC overseas mission/office. If you need to expedite the application process for a smooth entry to Taiwan during Taipei Blockchain Week, please contact the Gold Card team below to confirm the relevant procedures.

How much does the Gold Card cost?

The cost is dependent on country of citizenship and duration of the Gold Card. For US Citizens, the cost is NT $7,235-9,235 ($250-300 USD). For residents of Hong Kong and Macau, the price is NT $3,100 ($750 HKD). For everyone else, the cost is NT $3,700-5,700 ($100-200 USD).

Refer to the Gold Card application information page for more details

Who can I contact about the Gold Card?

LinkedIn: DIGI Gold Card Community
Contact Email: [email protected]

For ABS2024 VIP Ticket Holders: Telegram @sylviaghuhf

How do I get this industry exchange travel subsidy?

An application for the subsidy must be submitted 15 days before the start of the business trip and may take up to a week for approval. Documentation for reimbursement includes flight boarding passes, receipts, and invoices.

For hotel and other expenses incurred in Taiwan, the expenses must be paid directly to the hotel or to a Taiwanese travel agency and not via a foreign agency or platform. The Tax ID 04170821 (Taipei Computer Association) must be applied to the receipt.

Other eligible expenses for reimbursement includes SIM cards, exhibition and expo tickets, or public transportation.

All expenses paid to foreign platforms or without the Tax ID will incur a 20% tax from the reimbursed amount.

For new Gold Card applicants, you will receive the Gold Card UI Number in your approval email. You may apply for the travel subsidy using your application number while your Gold Card application is processing.

Refer to the subsidy application guidelines and press release for more detail