Get Taiwan resident visa, work permit,
Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), and re-entry permit.

Visa Information

Taiwan has a visa exemption for visitors from 65 countries for visits of 14-90 days depending on the country. 

Please check Bureau of Consular Affairs website for updated visa exemption details.

Can I apply for an Employment Gold Card to attend?

Yes. The Taiwan Employment Gold Card is a 4-in-1 card that grants holders work visa, residence permit, alien resident certificate, and re-entry permit. It does not require employer sponsorship and has many advantages compared to regular Taiwan work visas such as a shorter path to permanent residency, income tax benefits, access to networking events, family sponsorship, and more. In order to apply, you must meet certain income requirements or have special qualifications for fields that are in demand in Taiwan, including coding or other technical skills. Please see the official website and our ABS Gold Card page for more details and note that it takes about 1-2 months for the application from start to finish.

Best way to get around in Taipei


Mass Rapid Transit

Getting around Taipei using public transportation is incredibly convenient, with options like buses, the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). Fares range from around NT$5 to NT$50 for a one-way trip, allowing you to navigate the city smoothly. Google Maps provides precise and detailed transportation guidance.



Riding Youbike in Taipei is convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly. It offers easy navigation through narrow streets, promotes health, and provides a flexible and immersive touring experience. The user-friendly system with English instructions makes it perfect for foreign travelers.


The fare starts at NT$85, and you can hail them on the street, use an app for booking, or opt for Uber if you’re already a user.

All transportations in Taipei

Public transportation

  • Getting around Taipei is convenient and easy even if you don’t speak Mandarin. Station names are written in Chinese and English. Announcements are in Mandarin, English, Taiwanese, Hakka, and Japanese.
  • Armed with an Easy Card or single-journey tokens, you can easily take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) or buses around the city. 
  • Hours of MRT operation are from 6 am to midnight


  • Hailing a cab is easy, but be prepared to have your destination address in Chinese. Fares start at NT$85 or NT$105 between 11pm and 6am. 


  • There are multiple rideshare/taxi apps in Taiwan. Uber, LINE Taxi, Yoxi are all popular options to get around the city and will accept credit card payments.

  • Traveling by bike around the city is good exercise and quick. You can rent a YouBike using an EasyCard or iPass. You can register at a YouBike kiosk with your local Taiwanese mobile number if you have one. For those without a Taiwanese number there is the option for linking your credit card via the YouBike 2.0 app for one-time bike rentals. This option will not include public bicycle injury insurance coverage. 

Travel Passes

  • Taipei Metro tickets (one-day passes, 24/48/72hr Taipei Metro Passes)
  • Taipei Fun Passes (Transportation Passes and Unlimited Passes, Exploring Passes, Classic Version, 2-day THSR Holiday Tickets and 2-day THSR Joint Tickets).
  • THSR Pass
    • 3-day pass
      • Unlimited rides on Taiwan High Speed Rail trains for three consecutive days.
    • Flexible 2-Day Pass
      • Unlimited rides on Taiwan High Speed Rail trains for any two days of a designated seven-day period.
  • THSR & TRA Join Pass
    • 5-Day Standard Joint Pass
      • Unlimited rides on Taiwan Railway Chu-Kuang Express or trains at a lower price than Chu-Kuang Express for five days and on Taiwan High Speed Rail trains for any two days within the designated five days.
    • 5-Day Premium Joint Pass
      • Unlimited rides on Taiwan Railway Tze-Chiang Limited Express or trains at a lower price than Tze-Chiang Limited Express for 5 days and on Taiwan High Speed Rail trains for any two days within the designated five days.