Lior Lamesh

Founder and CEO

Lior Lamesh is the Co-founder and CEO of GK8, a cybersecurity company offering a unique solution for securing and managing digital assets. It combines a true air-gapped vault that is never connected to the internet – hence eliminating any potential attack vectors – with an advanced MPC. Formed just in late 2018, GK8 is already serving customers that manage over $1B in digital assets. Lior earned his expertise in cybersecurity while serving in Israel’s elite cyber team in charge of protecting the nation’s strategic assets, reporting directly to the Prime Minister’s office. An expert in both cyber-attacks and cyber-defence, Lior leads the development of GK8’s on-premises hardware and software that makes hacking private keys and blockchain assets impossible. Lior holds a BSc. in Computer Science and an MBA, magna cum laude, from Israel’s Bar Ilan University.