Zhen Cao


Zhen is a partner at Republic.co, an Angelist spin-off, with 500k users on the investment platform globally, the mission is democratizing private market investing. Backed by Binance, Angelist, Algorand, Republic is one of the platforms in the most trusted online startup ecosystems in the world, along with Angelist, Product Hunt and CoinList family. Republic’s funding portal and broker dealer are SEC-registered and members of FINRA.

She is the venture partner of JLAB, the crypto fund of JD Capital. It is the only public PE fund in China with $9B AUM. Where she invested Oasis, Thunder, MobileCoin, Ontology, Ankr, etc. She was an investor in Outpost Capital, where she invested over 10 early stage VRAR companies. 

Zhen was on the content strategy team in HTC Vive, Where she was working on Star War, Star Trek, Ready Player One, Fallout, etc. 

she holds the master degree from New York University in Tisch School of the Arts and Stern School of Business.